Bus Routes - Fall 2020

Parents who are unable to transport their children, please see the links below for the Fall 2020 Bus Routes:

Bus runs will be very similar to last year to begin.  Please be ready even if your specific address is not listed.  Masks and physical distancing is required at the bus stop.  

If you have any questions, please call the Bus Garage at 593-9066.

2A Donna Brown OMS,CCS-Thom.Cush_.2021.pdf123.2 KB
2B Jeff Colburn OMS, OHS, SS-Rock.2021.pdf128.43 KB
3B Don Dudley OMS, OHS, SS-Rock.2021.pdf124.41 KB
7 Valerie Edwards OMS, OHS, APCS -Thom.So_.Thom_.OH 2021.pdf128.03 KB
10 Kevin Moholland OHS, OMS, SS-.So_.Thom_.OH_.Rock_.2021.pdf124.21 KB
11 Jeff Cushman OHS, OMS, CCS-Cush.2021.pdf64.9 KB
12 George Soule OHS, OMS, SS-Rock.Thom_.2021.pdf71.11 KB
13 Alan Elwell OHS, OMS, TGS-SoThom.Thom_.2021.pdf64.22 KB
14 Anita OMS,OHS, TGS-Thom.2021.pdf125.08 KB
17 Dave Mcfarland OHS, OMS, APCS-So.Thom_. 2021.pdf124.47 KB
18 Dave Hillgrove OHS, OMS, SS-Rock. 2021.pdf62.28 KB
20 Roland Staples OHS, OMS, SS-So.Thom_.OH_.Rock_. 2021.pdf68.64 KB
21 Chris Watkinson OHS, OMS, APCS-Rock.OH_.2021.pdf69.23 KB