Meet Mrs. Johnson

Tell me about yourself.

I graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a BS in Music Education in 1983. My first teaching assignment was in Sanford Maine where I taught instrumental music grades 5-12.

 In 1989, I was hired by the “Old SAD #50” where I taught Band 5-12 until 2000. The next several years I taught at TGS 5-8 General Music, Chorus and Band. When we consolidated and created the new RSU #13, I had the opportunity to teach grades 3-7 at Owls Head and TGS. This year with the schools of our future plan, I am excited to begin my new teaching assignment at TGS and Cushing school’s grades K-5. I have enjoyed watching the transformation of the new TGS and happy to be teaching back in the Cushing Community (yes, I did teach band at the old Cushing School many years ago)! I love to sing, play the piano, guitar and many other instruments too. I have enjoyed teaching music to every grade level and look forward to another great musical year!

Why do you like teaching music?

Everyone enjoys music whether it be listening, dancing, singing or playing an instrument. There is nothing like seeing a fifth grader smile when they hold their band instrument for the first time, or the look on a young singers face when they are singing a song they love. I feel fortunate to be able to share my talents and gifts with kids and hope I inspire them to develop their own creative abilities. Music is a lifelong skill and meant to be shared. What better way to accomplish that then to teach it! 


What are your favorite student units?

I enjoy every aspect of my teaching whether it be teaching a child to read music, sing, play an instrument, compose a song or express their emotions through music.


What is your plan for parent contact?

Parents are encouraged to contact me anytime they desire. I am best reached through e-mail Throughout the year, I will keep parents informed by: sending home letters, articles in the newsletters etc. However, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. 


What are your homework guidelines?

Since all general music classes meet once a week, we do all of our work in class. Students will be working on Music Learning Targets (goals) and meeting standards in the Visual and Performing Arts Grades K-5. Students will be assessed through formative and summative assessments which help keep track of their progress towards their music learning goals.  Students that play a band instrument in grade 5, should be practicing weekly and recording their times on their practice chart. Since music is a “hands on” class, most of our work is done within the music class.